2006 Toyota Corolla

Not sure if you can answer this one. I purchased a brand new 2006 corolla LE and shortly afterwords starting to experience emissions coming into the cabin of my vehicle. The dealer admitted there was an issue with the exhaust and replace my system that attaches to the manifold back. (Toyota has a serivce bulletin on this car with this issue) one piece. I still have an exhaust type smell coming into the A/C vents when the fan runs in the cabin of the vehicle (intermittently). The car now has 23,000 on it. Lately I have been getting a sweet smell like antifreeze coming into the vents since it has been cold out after the car has run a while. At this point I am not sure if this is even safe to drive any more due to these issues and the headaches I get sometimes. Also just had an oil leak repiared. The vvti filter access cap seal was split and leaking. Is this a sign of a bad head gasket? Could it be that I have a leak and it is going into the exhaust? Like I said, I am not sure if you can answer this one but I thought I would throw it out there.

toyota corolla LE
1.67 4 cyl. Engine.
4 door


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February 14, 2007.

Feb 14, 2007.
Unless its not asked-Top of the line answer your heater core is leaking for the antifreeze smell, we got more if you need it.

Feb 14, 2007.