2002 Toyota Corolla

Brakes problem
2002 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 37000 miles

Hello: Tomorrow morning I am going to a new Toyota
service dept. For the 30000 mile maintenance check-up.
My old Toyota dealer abruptly shut their doors recently and economy aside I am not suprised. I had to watch,
listen and be sure of every recommendation they made after the dealership changed hands. Exactly one year ago however, while doing an oil change, I was told I needed my shoes and drums replaced because I only
had 5000 miles remaining on them. Well, I generally
only drive 5000 miles a year as you can see so I did not
do the service. However, I have since been watching the speedometer and making sure my brakes are ok but many times I kept thinking something might be wrong. In fact when I went back for an oil change, I asked about
it and was then told nothing needed to be done. That was roughly 4 months ago. I don't know what this new dealer will find tomorrow, don't know what to expect and just don't want to get ripped off. What is customary
for a 2002 car that isn't driven a great deal, but where I am light on the brakes and consider myself a very good driver, and where the car is extremely well maintained.

The maintenance is costing plenty so I just would like to
know what I should pay in the northeast reasonably for
whatever they may recommend with the brakes, if
they make recommendations at all.

Thank you.
M Glasser
November 27, 2009.

I doubt that you need rear brakes and rotors
but if you do its about 450 to be done at a dealer
any independent shop should do it for a lot less
good luck

Nov 27, 2009.
Now you know why the first dealer went out of business : ).

There is NO maintainence schedule that requires the rear shoes be changed at 35,000 miles.

My 1991 Corolla rear shoes lasted almost 150,000 miles.

Nov 28, 2009.
Thank you so much. I was at another Toyota dealer today for my 30000 mile check-up who told me the same
thing essentially you told me. He was a bit stupified when I told him what the other dealer had said and told me my brakes were perfect and to forget what I was told.

Nov 28, 2009.
The first dealer was trying to make some money at your expense.

Toyota's are (generally) light weight cars, and therefore are pretty easy on brakes.

If you were driving a 4 ton Hummer, you MAY need rear brakes : ).

Nov 29, 2009.
Well yesterday following the major snowstorm in the northeast I was running an errand and had to make a
short stop because of a car in front of me doing just
that. My brakes screeched and made that adjustment
that anti-lock brakes do on occasion to help stop the
car presumably. It seemed fine thereafter until while driving slowly and going to make
a stop the brakes made an adjustment again--no screeching--just an adjustment. Now I feel nervous,
even tho the dealer during the 30000 mile check up a month ago told me everything was ok. That dealer is
very far from me and when I called them to ask about
it was told to bring the car back for a test drive. Can you tell me if it is risky to continue as is given what happened yesterday? Thank you M Glasser

Dec 22, 2009.
What happen is very normal and its an indication that your brakes and the ABS system stopped the car from sliding all over the place

do you have brake light on or ABS light on?
If yes go and have it checked
if not I wouldn't worry about it, as it is a normal thing to happen when one tire slip on ice or snow the ABS system kick in stopping all at the same time and in process you would here and feel what you did
be safe and happy holidays

Dec 23, 2009.
Thank you so much. No, no light went on.I just never experienced anything like that before and don't want to do damage to my abs system that might require a more
extensive repair job down the road. More importantly,
aside from me feeling my brakes may not be grabbing
correctly, is it primarily a light going on that will tell me it is time to deal with my brakes or at a certain mileage, which would be what?

Dec 23, 2009.
ABS systems can be alarming if you are not used to them. But as BMR said, the ABS light would illuminate if their was a defect in the system.

Dec 23, 2009.