1998 Toyota Corolla

1998 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Automatic 170000 miles

I recently purchased a set of Halo spark plugs (said to improve mpg by about 10%), and discovered afterwords on their warenty that the timing will need to be adjusted. It sounds as though a motor management system or knock sensor (are those two different things, or the same thing with two names) will adjust the timing automagically as long as I disconect the battery before instalation. Does my car have a motor management system or a knock sensor? If not, how easy is it to get the timing adjusted? Thanks
Dan dan
July 28, 2008.

Timing is controlled by the PCM (Power train Control Module). The knock sensor retards timing when it detects pre-ignition.

What they are saying, I think, is that if you disconnect the battery the PCM will re-learn engine parameters (timing/fuel) based on feedback from the engine sensors.

Unless equipped with a distributor, base timing in not adjustable.

Jul 29, 2008.