1994 Toyota Corolla

I have couple of questions
1) Does 1994 Toyota corolla have ABS (antilock brake system). I can not get hold of my manual.
2) How can I add coolant on my own instead of taking it to car care. What ratio of water and anti-freeze should I add? Is anti-freeze the same as windshield blue colored liquid?

Thanks in advance
November 29, 2006.

One way you can tell if you have ABS without a manual is to check the dashboard for a ABS light. All cars equipped with ABS have a light to indicate when there is a problem with the system. Turn the key to the on postion to get all the indicator lights ( check engine light, oil, battery, etc ) If the car is equipped with Abs the light will come on at this time. Also look under the hood to see if the brake lines from the master cylinder go into a ABS control module. It looks like a box with brake lines and wires coming out of it. As far as adding anti-frezze you can add a 50/50 mix of anti- frezze to water. Add to the overflow tank to the proper mark.
Hope this helps Backyardmechanic : o

Dec 3, 2006.
That surely helped, thank you very much

Dec 4, 2006.