1993 Toyota Corolla

Steering problem
1993 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 106000 miles

Is draining and refilling the power steering oil necessary or useful for its system components or not? (I don't feel any problem in steering system & the oil level is right and oil seems not to be bad and very dirty).
Other question is: if all the joints boot(CV Joints Boot, Rack & Pinion Boot, .) Seems to be healthy and aren't broken and greasy, is it useful to remove them and check the joints grease or replace their grease with new grease and fasten the boots again? Is it a right work or by my first explanation, there is no reason to do such this?
Thank you so much
Hatam Ebrahimi
February 6, 2010.

Hi there,

If the power steering oil is very dirty it is due to be changed, clean oil will help prolong seal live in the power steering system, as for the CV's and rack boots, if they are still in good condition there is no need to touch anything.

Mark (Mhpautos)

Feb 6, 2010.
If power steering fluid is dirty, then it would be a good idea to replace it, otherwise it requires no maint. Other than checking fluid level.

The CV boots do not require a grease change, you would have to remove the CV axle to do it, and replace the clamps with a special tool.
As long as the boots are not leaking/cracked, the grease will last the life of car.

Feb 6, 2010.