1993 Toyota Corolla

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 226400 miles

As I was approaching a stop two days ago, my car sputtered to dead stop. I attempted to start the car again, but to no success. I pushed it off the road and let it sit. I tried starting it, I did not hear the fuel pump, but the car would try to turn over, but just couldn't. I waited 30 min, tried again, and the car started but died within 1 minute. After towing it back to my house, I replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and air filter. Hoping this would solve the problem, I was wrong. Could this be an injector issue? The started is good, battery is strong, and the car does have gas.
July 23, 2010.

If your timing belt is okay,
Maybe you have a defective ignition control module/igniter inside the distributor. This thing is expensive. Try buying a used one on the junkyard or toyota used parts.

I had an experience on a diffferent japanese car. It was running fine at high speed then suddenly at traffic, idle RPM, my car stalled. Waited 30 minutes, it started again. Then it stalled again when the engine warmed up. It was a faulty igniter/ignition control module. As I said. Maybe

Jul 24, 2010.
Turns out the coil pack was cracked. $42 part for Napa and she runs like a champ. Thanks for the tips!

Jul 27, 2010.