1992 Toyota Corolla

Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 193870 miles

hi am from Maurituis. My car chokes and I have to start 5 to ten times to start it while waiting about ten minutes. Sometimes itt happens after drving for half and hour then park. Then it does not start. The engine does 50 km per galon is it much for 1330 cc? Its idle is high. The automatic choke system does not work. (Engine runs fast all the time from start warming to whole travel) Does tthis make it use more fuel?My spark plugs(NGK) are dry but black. Mechanic suggest to change the injectors and clean airflow for the automatic idle. What can I change for the idling. Spare parts are rare here for this old vehicle. We get mostly used ones.
October 26, 2008.

The high idle is a vacuum leak somewhere in the system. You must find the leak first before trying to adjust the idle.

Then clean the throttle body and Idle Air Control valve.

The black plugs indicate a rich system, this will overheat the CAT and cause more problems. If it has been doing this for a while, check the CAT backpressure to see if it is already bad.

Oct 28, 2008.
Thanks a lot. Tomorrow mechanic will clean the air flow. Can you tell me the places where vacuum can leak. What does CAT mean? Catalytic converter. Car used leaded fuel its five years now we use unleaded.

Oct 28, 2008.
CAT is catalitic convertor. If you use leaded gasoline then it has destroyed the CAT.

There are many vacuum lines, brake booster, MAP sensor. Throttle body, PCV valve etc.

Oct 29, 2008.