1991 Toyota Corolla

A few months back, I had my clutch burn out on me. After I got my car back I noticed my speedometer and odometer were not working. The technicians refused to fix the problem without charging me for it. My question is, did they just leave the cable unattached to the transmission and can you get to it without too much difficulty. If that is the case, where would the cable connect to the transmission at? And is there only one cable that would repair both? Any answers would be greatly appreciated
February 6, 2007.

They probably forgot to connect the cable. There are two cables, one connects to the transmission, then connects to the cable that goes into the instrument panel. Both screw in. The end that connects to the IP twists 1/2 turn to lock.
It is most likely the lower one, it screws into a housing on the transmission.
It is possible thay dropped the transmission and pulled the cable out of the instrument panel.
Remove the air filter box to get better access.
If they did pull the cable out of the instrument panel, it is most likely broken (IP) and they should repair it.
I doubt you could buy a new IP, but you can find one from a junk yard.

Feb 7, 2007.