1990 Toyota Corolla

Hello everyone.
I need help with my Corolla. I need instructions on how to change the water pump. Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance.
November 12, 2007.

1. Disconnect the negiative battery cable.

2. Drain the engine coolant by opening the radiator draincock.
3. Raise and SAFELY support the engine. Remove the front engine mounting insulator.
4. On the 4A-GE engine, remove the power steering and A/C belts if equipped.
5. Loosen the water pump pulley bolts. Loosen the alternator locking bolt and pivot nut. Move alternator till the belt is loose and remove belt.

loosen pulley bolts

loosen the lockbolt and pivot nut on alternator
6. Remove the four bolts on the water pump pulley and separate from unit.
7. Disconnect the water inlet and bypass hoses from the inlet pipe.

8. Disconnect and remove the water inlet pipe by removing the two clamp bolts and the two nuts at the back of the pump. Remove the O-ring from the back of the pump.

9. Remove the mounting bolt for the dipstick tube; remove the tube and dipstick. IMMEDIATELY plug the hole in the block to prevent fluid from contaminating the oil.

10. Remove the No.3 (upper) and No.2 (middle) timing belt covers.
11. Remove the water pump retaining bolts pull the unit off the front of engine.
During the following steps. If coolant should get by the plug in the dipstick hole, engine oil MUST be changed.

Nov 12, 2007.
Thank you so so much!

Nov 14, 2007.