1990 Toyota Corolla

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Toyota Corolla 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 170000 miles

hi my cam belt on my corolla recently snapped as I did not know it hadnt been changed when I bought the car at 120000ks.
im wanting to be a mechanic and I think replacing it myself would be a good experiance (not to mention money saving)
know how to do it but have looked everywhere for the marks to help me fix timing but cant find them. What should I be looking for and how do they need to be positioned on my particular car (model FX-G) so that the timing is right?
cant seem to find the workshop manual with diagrams anywhere on the net or at library
Jemma quin
April 20, 2009.


Here are the Timing Mark Alignment.....


Apr 20, 2009.
To add to what obxautomedic said.

The illistration is for the 4AFE engine, you must remove the right side wheel, lower stone guards, waterpump pulley (remove bolts to clear belt cover) and the right side motor mount to remove belt cover.

Then remove balancer (no puller necessary, it should come off). Align marks as obxautomedic shows, loosen tensioner pulley and push all the way to rear and temporarly tighten, remove belt.

Check condition of lower timing belt pulley, if belt snapped, it may have buggered up the lower pulley.

Apr 21, 2009.
Thanks guys that was exactly what I was looking for : )

Jemma quin
Apr 21, 2009.