Toyota Camry

1994 Toyota Camry, 4 cyl & 190,000.
Generally runs well. A few month ago car seemed to run hot (no check engine light ever came on though) & sounded like a small motor cycle.
Southern NJ Garage charged me $500.00 to repair exhaust sytem. Tough it seems to still feel as if its running hot.
Last month it wouldn't start, it sort of seemed like it wanted to start at turn of the key but wouldn't kick over.
Garage charged me $275.00 to replace Distributer & Plugs. Told me its Ok.
Going home it sputters off & on. Rough idle.
Next day brought car back & he said now it also needs Wires at additional cost.
# 1 -Why wouldn't it have been fixed properly to begin with & wouldn't that price include the Wires?
# 2- Do you think the new wires would fix the prob & if so, what's a decent cost of repairs?
# 3- About 2 years ago he did lots of work on the car & included a $50.00 charge for a new Serpentine belt, which 2 months later I found out never got put on.
He said, " Sorry if one of my guys didn't do the work properly but to late to refund my money".
Never had probs with this guy in 6 years, so I dealt with it.
I'm getting upset & need some direction here RE: " Runs Rough"
Help! Thanks: TJMC8
May 26, 2007.

I see lots of looks but no answers to the problem. Help please with the " Runs Rough" Post.
I'd hate to pay more money for Plug Wires if it may be something else causing the prob.

May 29, 2007.
Well if u want any replys being a smartypants isn't going to get it. Would u call the the doctor and say hey doc my arm is hurting a bit whats wrong with it. Like he knows. Be patient and if someone knows they will respond. Dont rush or nobody will want to answer. Just a thought

May 29, 2007.