1999 Toyota Camry

Electrical problem
1999 Toyota Camry 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 145000 miles

the warning light for a tail light out is on and all of the lights are working. Me right directional is flashing fast, but all the light are working. This directional problem doesn't happen all the time. I have also replaced both headlights twice in the last three months.
February 26, 2008.

I have the same problem did you get an answer on this? Thanks

Jun 7, 2008.
Hi elanglois, swhitejr

Check for poor grounding at the rear lights, especially right side.

Jun 7, 2008.
Found that the top inside brake light was burnt out - never noticed it!

Jun 8, 2008.
I had the same problem. However I realized that the lights in the center assembly (trunk) have a double filiment, one for the brakes and one for the tail lights. Althought the brake lights were working the tail lights filiment was not. The problem is in the harness on the left side of the trunk lid. This is the second time I have had a short there because of the constant movement of the hindge. Hope this helps. Gary.

Jun 22, 2008.
We have owned our 1999 Camry since new, and in our experience, the fast-flashing light is an intentional design feature to help alert you to when that specific light is near the end of its life. It is not necessarily a short, and the light should return to its normal flashing speed when the bulb is replaced. Of course, if this doesn't work, you likely have a larger problem.

This only happens with the turn signal indicators, but helps you isolate which light bulb needs replacement.

Dec 29, 2010.
You are referring to the turn signals but the others are referring to the bulb failure indicator on dash.

Turn signals would blink faster if one of the bulb is not working due to the higher voltage to the flasher relay, it does not indicate the life of the bulb is nearing its end. It could occur intermittently due to a failed bulb filament that might sometimes come into contact and work correctly. It could also be due to poor contacts of ythe bulb in its socket and replacing the bulb or removing the bulb and reinstalling would cure such problems.

Dec 30, 2010.