1999 Toyota Camry

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 139, 00 miles

High volume of oil leaking from front, base of timing gear cover plate. Can not determine exact location. Can see oil begin to drip at one of the cover plate's mounting bolts. If driven, a lot of oil leaks, blows back and covers the bottom of the car. Any idea where this could be coming from?

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February 3, 2010.

Removal & Installation (Oil Pump Installed)
Remove timing belt and crankshaft sprocket. See TIMING BELT under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Using knife, cut lip from seal. Pry seal from oil pump housing. DO NOT damage sealing surfaces.
To install, apply grease to lip of NEW seal. Using hammer and Seal Installer (SST 09226-10010), install seal until seal surface is even with oil pump housing. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure.
Removal & Installation (Oil Pump Removed)
Using hammer and drift, remove seal from oil pump housing. To install, use hammer and Seal Installer (SST 09226-10010). Install NEW seal until seal surface is even with oil pump housing. Apply grease to lip of seal.

Dave H
Feb 7, 2010.