1993 Toyota Camry

Electrical problem
1993 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

when I give gas the speedometer goes down to zero, when I release the gas pedal it goes up, and starts bouncing around, this happens more on a bumby road how and were should I check for a loose wire, cruise control not working, is it a result from this
April 16, 2010.

Check cable out of the tranny and back of the cluster
If doesn't apply check speed sensor but if I recall correctly you should have a cable in it

No speed and no cruise control

Apr 17, 2010.
Im no mechanic but have done my homwork about this car everyone I spoke with said it was the Vehicle speed sensor, but if it was woukldnt the RPM bounce around to and wouldnt the tranny hesitate or not shift right, after I changed the instrument panel clusterand found my problem was still there I disconnected the vss and still found my gauge would still move up and down, telling me that its a voltage short rather then a mechanical problem, I downloaded the electrical diagram and found were all the connectors were, low and behold my problem was located under my glove box it was a loose wire, speedometer and cruise control both work fine nand ow the VSS and Speed cluster were never a problem and there is no cable from dash to vss its all electrical on this 1993 camry LE

Apr 20, 2010.