1992 Toyota Camry

1992 Toyota Camry 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 212222 miles

The car is cranking but not turning over. Is there a fuse that could be blown anywhere other than the regular fuse panel or any thing else before I replace the fuel pump?
October 19, 2008.

Do you hear the fuel pump come On when you turn key On?

Do below to determine if its fuel or spark problem then comeback

Get a carb cleaner and spray into the carb or the throttle body on an EFI. Did it start and die? If not disconnect a sparkplug wire or 2 and ground it to the engine -have helper crank engine over-do you have a snapping blue spark? If so-you have a fuel related problem, check the fuel pressure to rule out the fuel filter/fuel pump/pressure regulator and listen to the injector/s are they pulsing or hook up a noid light. No snapping blue spark continue to troubleshoot the ignition system-power input to the coil/coil packs, distributor pick-up coil, ignition control module, cam and crank sensors- Note: If it doesn't apply disregard it

If both fuel and spark is present-check the valve and ignition timing, this will lead you to problems with compression and valves opening and closing at the wrong time/broken or jumped timing belt/chain

Oct 19, 2008.