1991 Toyota Camry

Electrical problem
1991 Toyota Camry 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 220000 miles

This is unrelated to my question, but just a bit of background. My car blew it's brake fuse the other day, due to faulty wiring to the top brake light, which we have yet to fix.
But while checking through the fuses I noticed that the bottom, next to furtherest right(ie the last 20 amp on the board), the fuse was missing, so I checked the fuse list just above, and it said it was a 20 amp, so I grabbed my spare fuses and tried un-succesfully to put it in, the kept falling out, so I leant in for a closer look and found that the metal connectors inside were missing.

Now my question is, what does the second to last fuse, bottom right, the last 20 amp fuse on the board of a 1991 camry control?

Because I bought this car second hand, and my only problem with it so far has been that the central light was faulity wired(it was cut at some point, and now those wires have come apart, and the whole thing won't work now), and that the A/C won't work. I have a feeling it controls the A/C(my fan works, just no heating or cooling).
January 24, 2009.

Do not see a 20Amp fuse related to HVAC system. Below is diagram and description for your fuses..



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Jan 24, 2009.
It doesn't matter how old is your car. You can repair your car at the authorized service station.

Jan 24, 2009.