2002 Toyota Avalon

Electrical problem
2002 Toyota Avalon 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 79000 miles

I would like to know why the SRS Warning Light blinks and how to fix it. First time it appeared it disappeared after a few days. Now it reappeared but no longer disappears. The warning light looks like a seated passenger with a big ball in front of the chest. User Manual says it could be due to seat belt and I go see dealer. Seat belt seems to be fine.
April 21, 2009.

SRS is your Supplemental Restraint System consisting of the seat belt pre-tensioner, airbags, sensors, airbag module, among other things.

The light indicates that there is something out of specification, not necessarily a broken part. It can be as easy as wiping moisture from the wire harness, to as hard as replacing the airbag assembly. Dealership will be the only one that can successfully diagnose the fault code using their scan tool.

Apr 22, 2009.
RE: SRS warning light flashing; I had this problem intermittently for YEARS. The dealership had no answer and no log file was left. Several months ago the light flashed and kept flashing. I looked at the seat belt connectors, took off covers, wiggled wires, etc and it kept flashing until I attempted to take out the light bulb. I took the cover off the lower dash, above the pedals, and saw I could not access the bulb. There was some sort of sensor attached to the cover. Lo and behold, when I replaced the cover, the light had stopped flashing! I wish I knew why, but it did!

Jan 3, 2011.
When codes are not present with intermittent flashing of warnng indicator lights, it usually is due to a lose connector somewhere. Removing the cover and reinstallation had affected the connectivity of the wireharness and that coudl have stopped the problem. Hopefully the problem has been resolved permanently and does not come back.

Feb 11, 2012.