1999 Toyota Avalon

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Toyota Avalon 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 98000 miles

I need to replace the valve cover gasket because of oil seepage. The dealership wants $1200 to do the repair, but I have replaced the valve cover gasket on other models (4 cylinder Camry and pickup truck). Is this a difficult repair to accomplish? Any special tools required?

I had the dealership replace the timing belt. I did it on the old Camry, but it took a lot of time and it was worth the service special price in my mind, but $1200 for a valve cover gasket?

Please advise and thank you in advance

Patrick Welder
August 22, 2010.

Not sure why they are charging so much for, this repair only takes about 3 labor hours to complete, that is replacing BOTH valve cover gaskets. Shouldn't be more than $200 or so in labor fees, I would advise taking it to another shop to have them replaced.

Aug 22, 2010.