Toyota 4Runner

My truck is a 1988 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0L V6 ~ 214,000 miles and still running strong. About 2-3 weeks ago I broke down on the side of the road. I needed a tow to a garage. I was told I needed a new timing belt and was also told a radiator because mine had a crack at the top. I opted to have everything done. Also had the water pump replaced, and all hoses and belts replaced. Since I've had my truck back I've noticed the temperature gauge is floating a little higher then it usually is. Over the next few days I've noticed it coming up higher and higher. When I turn the car off, I noticed it shoots way up before it goes all the way down. I was told to replace the " fan clutch" and that would solve the problem. I did so. $200 & 1 day later, same problem. It's not going as high up, but I'm also not pushing it. It's a lot higher then it should be. I don't beleive it should be sitting more then 3/4th the way up on the gauge, and it's only in the mid to high 70's here in new jersey, my concern is what happens when 90 degree weather hits. Right now my truck is at the same mechanic and he said he is going to change the thermostat even though he did so 3 weeks ago. Any suggestions as to what it could be? Does this sound like the symptoms of a simple faulty thermostat? Thanx
April 23, 2007.

Sounds like the thermastat is sticking, did the mechanic put the same temperture thermastat back in the vehicle? There are ones of diferent temp settings, example there is a 160 and 180 most comon, check to see if there the coolant level is correct.

Apr 23, 2007.
Well after changing the fan clutch my temperature gauge was still fluxuating, it just didn't get as hot but was still hotter then it should be. After waiting all day for my mechanic to get around to looking at my truck, he changed the thermostat. When he removed the old one, we found a piece of crud or something stuck in it. I beleive this was causing the problem. Also 3 weeks ago he replaced it with a 192 thermostat when I originally had a 180. Threw the gauge way off. Well now that I have a 180 back in with no crud stuck in it, it's running great. No more fluxuation. Now if I can only figure out how to what the whurling noise is when I hit the gas I could make my truck a little quieter.

Apr 24, 2007.