1999 Toyota 4Runner

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Toyota 4Runner 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

Freeze Frame Parameter Description Value DTC for which Freeze Frame was Stored P0302 Fuel System 1 Status Closed Loop Fuel System 2 Status Not Supported Calculated LOAD Value 66.67 % Engine Coolant Temp 197.60 °F Short Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1 0.78 % Long Term Fuel Trim - Bank 1 10.16 % Engine RPM 2773 rpm Vehicle Speed Sensor 32.93 mph Intake Air Temperature 78.80 °F

po301 code

po300 code

i have a innova 1303 scan tool. With freeze frame and live data.
thinking its the coil pack? Not sure. Thanks again
December 26, 2008.

If the same coil pack runs cyl 1 and cyl 2, then I would say yes. If the 2 cylinders are on different coils, then no.

Dec 27, 2008.
Yes on the toyota v6s there is 3 coil packs on the left, each pack has an igniter, I think my igniter in the number 1 cylinder went bad, or its an injector problem.I dont have a stethascope, going to give a listen with a screw driver for the click click.
In a few mins im going to go and switch coil pack #1 with the # 3 coil pack and clear all codes, I hope the mis follows? Thanks for the advice I will let you know what haappens as soon as im done.

Dec 27, 2008.