2002 Suzuki Vitara

Brakes problem
2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 80000 miles

My wife drove home no problem. When I started it 2 hours later abs light and e brake light came on. Then when I pushed the brake while in park, I can hear a click sound in the counsole box next to the gear shift. The brakes seemed a little squishy, and pulled a lttle bit to the left, but I am not sure since I don't drive it very often. I checked the fluid level and it looks good. A little below the full line, so I topped it off. Did not make any difference. Not sure if there is a leak in the system I will do a quick check, once my daughter takes a nap. This is the first real problem I have had with this rig. Any info or help would be much appriciated. You guys really saved my butt on my 4runner fuel issue. Keep up the good work.
January 21, 2009.

Hi Mario,

Thank you for the donation.

An error has been detected in the ABS system and you need to get a diagnostic scan done to find the cause of the fault.

1. Ensure ABS warning light operates for 2 seconds after ignition switch is turned on (bulb check).

2. Connect jumper wire between ground terminal and diagnosis switch terminal on diagnostic connector. See Fig. 2 . Turn ignition on. Monitor ABS warning indicator light. DTCs are indicated by "blinking sequence". First and second digits of 2-digit DTC are separated by a one second pause. Lowest number DTC is displayed first.


Jan 21, 2009.
Alright I tried to retrieve the code. And when I started the car the lights went off. And stayed off while I drove it around a little. Everything seems fine now. E-brake comes on when I use it. And they come on when I start for 2 seconds. Did this just clear the code? Or did it just need to be reset? The car was muddy so I sprayed them clean before doing the test. Could that have been it? I guess I will find out if this fixed it. I will have my wife drive it to work in the morning, if I don't come up with anything else. Thanks for your help, not alot of educated people out there when it comes to my rig. Mario

Jan 21, 2009.
Hi Mario,

No, you did not reset the computer. Just that the mud could have prevented a wheel sensor from signalling the computer that it is working and after cleaning up, the sensors atarted sending signals again and the ABS computer did not detect any more fault.

Keep me informed if anything crops up.

Jan 22, 2009.
Alright, lights stayed off for a couple of days untill my wife drove to work again. Seems that it takes 30 to 45 min to come on. Then it went off as suddenly as it turned on. Only to come back on the next day. My wife and I agree that it seems kind of squirly and the brakes are squishy. I have to go to les schwabs to get a tire fixed. Would they be able to tell me anything? Or would they tell me I can't leave untill they fix it. Thanks for your help.
Ok scaned it again but there were no blinking lights. So I cleared it and drove around for a while. Seems to be working fine again. But I have a feeling I will be dealing with this again soon.

Jan 30, 2009.
Hi Mario,

We will cross the bridge when we come to it.
While checking the tires, get them to have a look at the brake pads, calipers and also ABS wheel sensors for contamination, etc.

Jan 31, 2009.
Wow can't beleave its been a year. I have had the car serviced a few times and still have this problem with the brake lights. The tire places just clear the code and check the brakes everything looks good. I was told my passenger side cb joint was craked. And alignment is a little off. Could this cause the light to come on? Doesn't seem likely but this is just getting old. Seems like a bad sensor or something. Thanks for the help. Mario

Feb 12, 2010.
Nice to hear from you again.

When you performed the above test to retrieve the trouble codes, DO NOT start the engine to get the blinking.

Do that again and let me know if any codes were retrieved. This would enable us to know if it is caused by a sensor or the particular circuit involved.

Feb 13, 2010.

I have the following ABS code: -21

But the car is now fixed but ABS light still on. What can I do to reset to code?

Aug 25, 2010.
Hi GyroTechTom,

Thse codes are for faults with the wheel sensor and the failsafe relay.

There are 2 types of system and the code clearance is for Type 1. Let me know if it is the correct one.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes Clearance
When performing a driving test, select a safe place where there is neither any traffic nor any traffic accident possibility and be very careful during testing to avoid occurrence of an accident.

After repair or replace malfunction part(s), clear all DTCs by performing the following procedure.

1. Turn ignition switch OFF.

2. Using service wire (4), connect diagnosis switch "PNK" wire terminal (2) of diagnosis monitor coupler (1) to "BLK" wire terminal (3).

3. With connection described in Step 2 maintained, turn ignition switch ON.

4. Repeat disconnecting and reconnecting of service wire between diagnosis and ground terminals 5 times or more at about 1 sec. interval within 10 seconds.

5. Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect service wire from monitor coupler.

6. Perform Driving Test in ABS CHECK and DTC CHECK
and confirm that normal DTC (DTC 12) is displayed; not malfunction DTC.

Aug 26, 2010.
Thanks for your help,

All codes were clear execpt code 25.

Do you know what it's stand for because all abs wires seems to be fine now.

Thanks again,

Aug 27, 2010.