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My a/c was not working in my 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara, the compressor was not clicking on. I changed a blown fuse underneath the hood and now the a/c works again, blowing out cold air. Now, when I turn the a/c on, my belt is squealing some kind of bad. When the compressor cuts off the squeal goes away, when it turns on, the squeal comes back. The belts were just changed a month ago. What could it be? Maybe the belt is too tight or too loose? Maybe the a/c compressor? I'm not too sure. Thanks in advance for any help!
April 4, 2006.

All the clues are there, you have a bad compressor clutch. Replacing just the clutch is as expensive as replacing the compressor so it is better to have the compressor replaced. It is NOT a home repair job due to refrigerant recovery. Good luck

Apr 4, 2006.