2004 Suzuki Forenza

Engine Mechanical problem
2004 Suzuki Forenza 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 76000 miles

First, I am having a problem with the tranny. I'll be going approximately 45 mph and coasting and the tranny will dow-shift into third gear for no reason. Also notice that when I'm accelerating, the tranny will not shift into a higher gear without coaxing it to. The next problem is that when I went to do my weekly check on the fluids, my hood would not open. The cable is still attached inside, outside and all the way through. It just won't pop the hood. Any easy (or any) fixes that I can do myself so that I don't have to take it to the dealer and waste my time and money?
November 6, 2009.

Have someone press down on hood whilst pulling lever. Have the vehicle plugged into a diagnostic computer to check for transmission related fault codes

Dave H
Apr 30, 2010.