1994 Suzuki Escudo

Transmission problem
1994 Suzuki Escudo 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 47,000 miles

My suzuki jerks forward when I let my foot off the gas and then put my foot back on the gas pedal. My mechanic says that it is the gearbox and the release bearings need to be replaced. I am in Uganda. Is it even possible to replace the bearings? My mechanic also tells me that spark plugs need to be replaced every 3 months, this is my worry that he does not have any idea what he is doing. Thank you.
April 16, 2009.

I'll be honest with you. I have " no" information on a VW Escudo, but VW is VW and if you can give me a little more information, I'll try to help you.
Front or rear drive?
2wd or 4wd?
2dr or 4dr?
Hatch back or truck?
When you let your foot off the gas, do you feel " slop" in the driveline?
Is the transmission making ant noise ie; howling, grinding etc?
What bearings does your mechanic say need to be changed?
What is supposed to be the cause of the needed repairs?
Please advise.

James W.
Apr 16, 2009.
The mechanic says it is the release bearings and the car is a Suzuki not a VW, sorry. The problem in the first 3 gears it feels like someone leaning to drive a stick shift, when I let my foot off the gas pedal is immediately stops as if it is not getting any gas.

Apr 17, 2009.
The VW/Suzuki error was mine, not yours. I did look up Suzuki not VW.
Anyway, a bad clutch release (throw out) bearing will cause the problem you describe. This bearing can be changed by just pulling the transmission. It doesn't have to be disassembled. The only thing is if the input " neck" is badly scored, it may have to be replaced. The " neck" is the part the release bearing slides on and still can be replaced without tearing the trans apart.
I would still like to know where you call home. I can make note of what country the Escudo is sold in and the type of vehicle it is. Hope this helps.

James W.
Apr 17, 2009.