1999 Subaru Wagon

1999 Subaru Wagon 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

Got a quick on the wagon door of my 99 subaru legacy wagon.

The wagon door is simply stuck. It will lock and unlock. I can put the key in a turn it. The door won't budge. We've sat in the rear and pushed with feet while pulling from outside.

Is this a structural problem? A key problem? Do I take it to a body shop? Dealer?

Any advice would be huge.

Thank you much.
TomJ C-Town
November 6, 2010.

Hi TomJ C-Town,

Problem should be due to the door latch sticking or opener being dislodged.

You would have to remove the panel to look inside the door to see what is wrong.

Nov 6, 2010.