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New person here with what is probably a dumb question - my son took our 2000 Subaru Legacy (105K miles, all original equip) to WalMart, parked the car, came out 15 minutes later to a dead battery. No warning whatsoever. I take him to work, grab a bite at Subway, get back to Walmart, and the car starts. Battery seems a tad tired, but not dead - starts up on one turn of the key.

Is this something that I should be concerned about? Has this happened to anyone else before? I checked the battery cables, but they were tight and none corroded.

I have never heard of a battery recharging itself in a parked car, so anything any of you can tell me would be great.
June 9, 2007.

If the total time is loner than 15 minutes. High resistant cable, starter cool of resistant drop and u've got enuff amp and voltage --> it start. Very simple physic. Take it to a shop and have the starting system do a voltage test
good luck bro

Kin chan
Jun 9, 2007.
When the battery died did you have any lights headlights? Or was the whole system dead. A battery will recover to a certain amount while sitting. I just wonder if you had headlights it could be in the starter. Have the battery checked along with the charging system.

Jun 16, 2007.