1999 Subaru Legacy

Engine Performance problem
1999 Subaru Legacy 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 121, 00 miles

My car recently failed CA/Smog at idle speeds only.
The readings were as follows;
At 703RPM, %Co2 8.2, %o2 0.6, HC/Max 100, GP 250, Meas 610, Co% Max 1.00, GP 2.50, Meas 10.00
and was deemed a gross polluter.
Can you please help guide me as what to do next?
Will taking it to smog repair shop and haveing them test it with a scanner will it telll me what part(s) I need to replace?
I am currently unemployed and unable to donate at this time.
January 23, 2009.

Hi, what these readings are saying is while your car is idleing it is giveing the eng more fuel then it needs. You did not say anything about tune up but this is always your first step with a driveability prob. If this has been done properly look for a vacum leak on the engine. Go to a auto parts store have them scan, usually no charge. This should give you an idea of what is going wrong. Let me know when you have these things done thanks billymac

Jan 24, 2009.