1998 Subaru Forester

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Subaru Forester 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Manual 172000 miles

I have a 98 forester with 172,000 miles on it. Last saturday it just stalled on me and wouldn't start back up. It will turn over but that's it. With testing the coil by hooking a timing light up we found that the front plugs are firing back two are not. Tried new coil, no different, put new ignition control module in, nothing. At this point got smart (we thought) and rented a diagnostic computer, it said the crankshaft sensor was bad. After changing the sensor, the computer says all is good but the car still won't start just keeps turning over. Should I have reset something or do you have any other ideas that may get my sub running again? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you
December 21, 2008.

Are you getting spark to the rear plugs now? Also, have you checked fuel pump pressure?

Thank you for responding. I got the car started, it was the timing had jumped (bad timing pulley) so a new belt and pulley later and now I get plenty of pressure from the water pump, no oil in coolant no coolant in oil, no coolant in exhaust(smell or visual) no leaks anywhere and tried changing thermostat but it overheats and only has heat when idoling. Only overheats when driving, will idol forever without overheating. Once overheated it is blowing the coolant out the overflow in the reservoir tank. I am once again at a loss. Any ideas?

Feb 25, 2009.
Hi: If you replaced the thermostat, that isn't the problem. Try something. With the engine hot, watch the lower and upper rad hoses to see if they collapse. Also, have you done anything with the radiator?