2003 Skoda Fabia

Electrical problem
2003 Skoda Fabia Two Wheel Drive Manual 44000 miles

my 03 fabia came with no mauals and the warning light for power steering is on but cant even find the fluid resovoir to check the level!
other than this the abs light is on while driving but brakes seem fine?
alternator light, airbag light and handbrake light all stay on with the alternator and hadbrake lights flashing.
when I start the engine three loud beeps sound (like some kind of warning).
when the engine gets warm after about 5mins driving the car loses power and I have put my foot right down to go anywhere. It stalls really easy when like this.
hope somebody can help.
October 22, 2009.

You need to have the vehicle plugged into a doagnostic computer to locate the cause of these faults !

Dave H
Jan 11, 2010.