2001 Skoda Fabia

Air Conditioning problem
2001 Skoda Fabia 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 45676 miles

had recharged and checked for leaks, air con switch lighting up, not cooling, fan sometimes works and then stops. Fitted evap valve sensor under dash as advised on google search. All fuses good. Checked feed to compressor and has permanent feed as advised on net search. The air con pipes on inner wing near a sensor are not cold. Any ideas.
June 29, 2010.

Hello .. thanks for the donation

You need a UV light and glasses after adding dye to check for leaks .. did you do this ? ..sounds like the system is not charged fully or has a leak.. check you have the correct freon pressure in the system !

Dave H
Jun 30, 2010.
Have had checked, presure good.

Jun 30, 2010.
Which fan is only working some of the time? The readiator fan or internal heat/ac fan?

Dave H
Jul 1, 2010.