1997 SEAT Ibiza

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 SEAT Ibiza Two Wheel Drive Manual 113000 miles

hi I have a 1.9d which has sat for about a year.
the starter motor has been replaced and the car turns over but wont fire up. Checks show there is no fuel at the injectors. Checks show there is fuel in the filter and the fuel pump at the injectors is working. A friend has said that I probarbly have an air lock and need to bleed the filter. Can you tell me if this sounds right and if so where I will find the bleed valve and how to bleed it. Thank you
November 25, 2009.

Loosen one of the injector nut and crank engine for a couple of seconds till fuel spills out. Tighten nut and start vehicle

Dave H
Feb 26, 2010.