2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid

2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 67000 miles

My check engine light has been on for a few weeks but lately my airbag light intermittentley turns on and off. This past week my ABS and TC light have been coming on. When this happens my hybrid battery will not come on. At first if I would restart my car the ABS and TC light would turn off and the car would run fine. Now, the lights stay on regardless and my hybrid battery is not kicking in. I took the car to a mechanic and had the codes read. The only two that came up were an EVAP code of a small leak was detected and also Code 1228- see service manual. He did not have a service manual so we dont know what this means.
June 6, 2010.

First of all thank you so much for your donation. As far your air bag goes you will have to go get your code's read so we know what direction to start diagnosing in but you need special tool's and live air bag data from a scan tool usually to figure the fault's out. With your abs and tc you would have to get the code's read also those are some time's easier to figure out if it's just like a bad speed sensor. As far as your code 1228 I looked threw every computer in your car for that code and couldn't find it. When you get a code it will have a letter or a couple of letters in it. Iam a certified saturn vue hybrid tech and my advice to you is to take it too a hybrid specialist that has the equipment and knowledge of repairing hybrid's. Your best bet is to take it to the saturn dealer if the one in your area is closed then take it to a chevy dealer. When you have a hybrid and you have problem's with the hybrid system that's about all you can do. If you get me the code's they find I can help explain what's going on too you and give you information on it but it's best left to the expert's when dealing with the hybrid system. Let me know about the other code's in the other system's and I will help you out best I can on those as well.

Jun 7, 2010.
So I took it to another mechanic and had it scanned and the only thing that came up this time was C1223.

Any Ideas.

He also stated that many recalls came up for the vehicle.

Jun 11, 2010.
I searched threw every code for your car twice and couldn't find a C1223 listed. The guy that told you there were campaign's on your car is right there is one for inspecting the hybrid battery pack and if the batteries are leaking they would replace them.I have have replaced a lot of those batteries. There is also one where they rewire your your charging harness for your hybrid battery pack and reprogram your computer for better charging of the pack. If you bring it to a saturn dealer and if there all closed by you bring it to a chevy dealer they can see if they have been done and if they haven't then they can do it for you. Again I will tell you this your going to have to bring your car into someone that has the right equipment and knowledge to repair your hybrid. When you bring it to the dealer to have them see if the campaign's have been done I would have them also see what's wrong with your car. Trust me those part's for your hybrid are real expensive you don't want someone miss diagnosing it. Let me know what they come up with.

Jun 11, 2010.