1997 Saturn SW1

Computer problem
1997 Saturn SW1 Automatic 80,000 miles

We need a new computer for our 1997 Saturn SW1. I see a lot of places where we can get a used one with a warranty. Will this be easy for my husband to install and is it a good idea?
March 10, 2010.

They hardly ever go bad so a used one wouldnt be a bad idea to save money. To replace it u just go under the dash unplug the connectors then remove the dash top and theres a 10mm nut to loosen and it slides out towards the whindshield. Not very hard to do if u ur handy with tools. Make sure u get the computer out of a 1997 sw1.U may have to get it programed though depending on what options ur car has and the donar car has. Whats wrong with ur old computer?

Mar 10, 2010.
I would have to ask my husband. It has been so long since we used it, I can't remember. I do know it failed the October car inspection, so it was before that. When I find out, I will repost. And he is very handy with tools.

Mar 10, 2010.