2004 Saturn Sport Coupe

Engine Performance problem
2004 Saturn Sport Coupe 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 49150 miles


I have been having an issue where my car will not start sometimes on cold mornings and it will rev really high once it does start.

It only happens some times and tends to be on cold morning's or evenings I have never had it do it twice in the same day.

I normally can get it started but it takes numerous attempts. It kind of sounds like it wants to start but will not completely turn over. Then finally it will and it will be fine until today. It got to the point where it completely turned over started to run for a few seconds then stopped again.

Took a couple more tries and it started up rev-ed a little high for a little bit then was driving like normal.

I am just wondering what could be wrong and how much I can expect for it to set me back. : /
January 21, 2009.

This could be caused by a couple things. I would start by having the fuel pump pressure checked. Also, is the check engine light coming on for you?


It will come on one time while I am trying to restart some times. I think this has happened to me maybe 3-4 times. Check engine light would blink on maybe on 2 of the times this has occured but it would go away even on the next start attempt. I just had some work done on the which I thought fixed it but it happened again.

Jan 22, 2009.
If the check engine was on, there should be a code stored in the computer. If you have a way of scanning it, you may identify the problem. Most nationally recognized parts stores will scan it for free. They may even loan or rent you the scanner to do it yourself.

In addition to that, I still think you should have the fuel pressure checked. Again, you may get the gauge from a parts store that rents or loans tools. Then it's just a matter of connecting the gauge to the fuel rail on the engine to see the pressure.

Let me know if any of this is helpful.