2001 Saturn SL2

Engine Performance problem
2001 Saturn SL2 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 193645 miles

Hi guys.
We've had the Check Engine Light running for about 6 months. We've had various problems during this period. We have replaced the radiator and the water pump, and the car seems to be performing fine. However, a couple months ago, we got the diagnostic code for this light at Jiffy Lube. They gave us code P0410. What should we do for this diagnosis code? I think it has something to do with an air pump or an air valve? How much money would I be spending to go to a garage for the appropriate maintenance or repair? Could used parts be used? Thanks.
October 28, 2009.

That's the air injection code u could check the vaccuum lines that run from the valve on the a/c compressor to the intake vaccuum port etc. Does ur air pump run when u start the car cold for a short time that's the hair dryer looking thing by ur washer bottle. It could be alot of differnt things there's the vaccuum solindo the air pump a couple of valves if ur not familar with the system or have a scan tool that can activate the system so u can watch and see what's working and not kinda hard to dia let me know what u find.

Oct 28, 2009.