1996 Saturn SC2

Transmission problem
1996 Saturn SC2 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

Is the trans. On a 1992 sc the same as the sc2, where as there is a nut that backs off reducing hydro presure. Have 1996 sc2 that has lost rev. The 1992 has a panel you can open on drivers side and ajust. One time only deal
March 20, 2010.

I haven't seen many early saturns like the 92 input shaft nut loosen up it's usually 98 an up.U can try it for ur 96 u will have to get a new input shaft nut an replace it along with a side cover gasket and some anerobic sealer. It's most likey a bad valve body. Do u have any codes?Let me know.

Mar 20, 2010.