1997 Saturn SC1

Electrical problem
1997 Saturn SC1 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 175000 miles

i have a 97 saturn sc1 four months ago it ran perfectly we let it sit in a barn for winter and now it wont start I have changed the cps and coolant temp sensor. Also changed one of the coil packs case after letting sit for fifteen min or so while cranking it produces spark but once it fires once it loses all spark on all cylinder. Tryed either and still no luck on getting it to run. We got it to run once for about two min but as soon as we tried to idle it it stalled then no spark
January 24, 2010.

Welcome to the forum. Make sure the battery has a full charge and the connections are good. Check the charging system. How long since overall tune-up? Use a gage and check fuel pressure, some of the national brand autostores used to loan a fuel pressure gage. I've been bit too many times by not starting with the basics.

If no spark, check primary voltage at the ignition module, when the problem occurs. Pink wire, goes hot with key on. Black is ground. Checking for spark, you may need to disable the fuel, so the system doesn't flood.

Jan 24, 2010.
Sounds like a broken wire above the driver side wheel disconnect it from the fuse box undernearth and check out the wires closest to the front of the car

Jan 30, 2010.
Ive worked at saturn dealership a common problem like your describing would be solved by taking off the coil packs and cleaning under them and under the unit they attach to with brake clean and a rag

Feb 16, 2010.
Ya cleaning the coils usually dont make electrical problems any better especially if their is no juice being elivered thru it plus how would cleaning a coil make it spark when you can simply test it and see their is no juice to it so if you have juice to the fuse box n no juice to the module the problem would simply be a wire from the fuse box to the module(which is a pretty popular problem)

Feb 17, 2010.