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I have a 1992 Saturn Coupe. 2dr with 135000 miles.4 cyl EFI/SOHC 1.9l engine. I bought a steering column at the junkyard. My current column has broken plastic assembly for wiper switch. I have the dash out and the column unbolted under the dash and above the pedals. The wires are unplugged. It is still attachedn where it goes through the firewall.

How do I un-attach the column at the firewall?

Also, is it possible to switch ignition switch/cylinders or do I have to get a locksmith to make a key for the new column?

Thanx a million for any help ! The. Rolling. Pin@gmail. Com : shock:
March 19, 2007.

Boy its been a while. The steering column main shaft should have a bolt at the very bottom that clamps it onto the shaft coming thru the firewall.

The lock cylinder is easily replaced.
Good luck and let us know. : )

Mar 20, 2007.