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1998 Saturn SL1, 97500 miles. Leaks orange colored fluid near front driver's side (I assume antifreeze). Has smell as if radiator is hot. Car runs hot if it idles in park or neutral. Smells the same after driving long distance. Also high idle in park. Shuts off hard when ignition turned off. Otherwise, runs well, about 30 mpg. Thanks for your help.
February 21, 2007.

Have a shope perform a coolant pressure test to determine the leak and also if there are any others, and yes it is antifreeze.

Feb 21, 2007.
If u don't have a problem for spd higher than 30 mph. Its gotta be ur electric fan not working. Also u mention a leak. Have a shop coolant pressure leak test. There might be a leak which cause pressure lost. Let me know how it come out.

Kin chan
Feb 21, 2007.
What they said !
Also have you checked and or replaced the ects (coolant temp sensor). The original ones from saturn had a plastic tip that would crack. Yours would be due if it is original. Replace it with the updated brass tip design from saturn.

That would cause the high idle and poor fuel economy and also they leak. Check the pigtail while you are at it. Replce it also if it is too far corroded.

Good luck and let us know. : )

Feb 25, 2007.