2001 Saturn L300

Electrical problem
2001 Saturn L300 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

Helping a freind.
Car wouldn't start. Independant shop said the ECU was dead because it would not communicate with code scanner. CEL is on.
I confirmed yesterday with my OBDII code reader.

Is the engine computer called an ECM, PCM, ECU or what? Where is the unit located in the car? We found a unit under the cowl on the passengers side. It was manf by seimens. This does not match what we are finding on the internet. Where can I get an accurate picture and part number?

If we find a good used unit, will it run the car?
Will it need to be reprogrammed at the dealer?
Is there a cross reference to other GM cars where this same computer was used?

William Miller
April 10, 2010.

It's called a ECM it's on the driverside on top of the intake tube it's silver it has four reverse torxs holding it down with two larger connectors on it that are side by side. If u get a compatible ECM it will start after u relearn the passlock sensor.U might have to get it programed we will play it by ear. Let me know when u find it.

Apr 10, 2010.
We found the part and have it in our hands!
Here are some numbers: 0261204591 (This looks like a Bosch number. Could it be?)

also : uo08900238

These are found on a sticker on the top of the module that has a GM symbol and CH

On the edge if the module there is another sticket with: 97208404591

These are the numbers that are large enough to see.

Which numbers are important to try and find a replacement?

William Miller
Apr 17, 2010.
The part number u need is 9153242 I dont know where the number on the ecm is I never paid attenion the part number on them just the ones on the box the came in. It looks like 2000-2005 v6 are all that part number. Let me know when u get one and its commucating and I will give u the instructions on learning the pass lock sensor. Let me know.

Apr 18, 2010.
Do you have a source?

William Miller
Apr 18, 2010.
No I don't have source I was talking about when I worked for Saturn I used to get them from the parts department.I worked for Saturn for over 16yrs. The new ECM is like 640 and will have to get it programed at the dealer. What I would do is look for one on eBay they have tons of them u just have to sort thru them all.I put in Saturn ECM in the search and got over 1,000 came up. They probably even have some new ones on there from closed dealers. But if u get a used one then all u will have to do is learn the pass lock and it will start. Let me know when u get one and I'll help u out with that.

Apr 18, 2010.