2003 SAAB 9-3

Air Conditioning problem
2003 Saab 9-3 repair Question 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 97000 miles

The fan for the air conditioner/heater quit suddenly. Would like to know if there is a fuse or relay that may be the cause or if the fan motor has gone bad and how to troubleshoot the problem.
June 30, 2008.

I had the same problem yesterday - Sunday June 29. It worked fine on Saturday and when I went out SUnday morning and nothing.

I found a 40 amp fuse in the inside fuse box that is located on the left end of the dash - drivers side - right next to the door. It's big and I couldn't get it out. I'm going to take it in tomorrow and have it checked out.

Hoping it's not the fan as I just read an article that says it's 10-15 hours of labor because the whole dash has to be removed.

Good Luck

Jun 30, 2008.
This is a ray of hope for you, you will need to replace the fan speed control unit mount on the p/s, you will have to remove the glove box to reach it, also you do not have to remove the dash at all to replace the fan motor if need, the fan motor is remove from inside the eng bay upper area after removing the crowl cover, roughly a 4 hour paying job but it only takes 1 to 1.5 hour for complete job

Jul 19, 2008.