2001 SAAB 9-3

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Saab 9-3 repair Question 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

Where would this part be located at and how easy would it be to replace(major chore, not too bad, easy, etc.). Thanks for the input
January 27, 2010.

Your crank position sensor in located, when standing infront of car in the middle, now bend over & look in the area where engine & transmission meet behide exhaust pipe u will see a tin black wiring coming from the engine & running to the back of the engine near firewall the connector is blue in colour look for 3 connectors on a bracket 1 black, 1 gray these r the o2s sensors & the blue connector is the crank position sensor connector, job faiirly easy with right tool to pull screw holding sensor in eng block, ho by the way did the car restart any, if not also check your fuel pressure, check this listen for the fuel pump to energize when u turn ignition key on, u should hear a buzzing type sound coming from under the rear seat area, post back with answer, good luck.&Amp; this test to listen for pump is if the crank sensor is good, if sensor is bad u will not hear pump cause sensor cuts out fuel pump when bad.

Jan 28, 2010.
I performed another test to see if the crank position sensor was bad, and/or fuel pump. I sprayed some starting fluid down the intake hose(post filter) and tried to start vehicle. Vehicle started and then bogged down about a second or two after ignition. I then tried to start again, without any starting fluid and the vehicle started right up and ran for ten minutes with no problems. I test drove it for 5 minutes and everything seemed to be fine. I turned car off for twenty minutes and tried to start again and it wouldn't. It chugged for a second or two, then died. Tried to start again over and over, but no luck at all. Back to the non-working conditionj that it was prior to the starting fluid being added. Still think it could be crank position sensor, or fuel pump? Or something else? Thank you very much, your input has ben very valuable.

Feb 24, 2010.
Yes replace crank sensor, good luck

Feb 24, 2010.