1998 Rover Other

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Other Rover Models Manual 61000 miles

My car won't start, when the key is turn the car cranks but does not start.

I have replaced the spark plugs, and performed a test for the ignition coil that was negative.

Therefore I believe that the ignition coil has gone, could you suggest anything else that may be indicated?

I would also like to enquire as to how replace an ignition coil in a Rover 200 1.1 (R reg)?

Thank you
March 21, 2009.

I would replace the coil if you are not getting any spark on any of the plugs ..your next test would be to see if you are getting a pulsed signal to the coil .. replacing the coil is a simple bolt off unplug the wiring connecter hook up new one and bolt back on ..

Hope this helps .. let me know

Dave H
Mar 21, 2009.