2004 Rover 45

Electrical problem
2004 Rover 45 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles

I have a Rover 45 2.0 TDI Sport
I pulled into my local shop on my way home last night after drivning 20 miles from work. When I returned from the shop 2 mins later I tried to start my car. Only the battery light came up on the dashboard and no others. The car wouldnt start and the starter motor didnt click as it normaly would if the battery was dead. I dont think the altenator is broken because all my electrics were working fine. Even though the battery light is on and the car wont start all electrical features still work normally. I.E. Lights, radio central locking. Ive diconnected and reconnected the battery and checked the fuses and connections and everything looks fine. Please help

January 12, 2010.

Start by replacing the battery !

Dave H
Jan 12, 2010.
The battery is fine, its been tested on volt meter. Also its not displaying any normal charactaristics of flat battery. No lights come on when you turn on the ignition except the battery light yet headlights are not dim at all and battery has charge. And the starter motor doesnt click or even try and turn.

Jan 13, 2010.
Check the battery ground/eartn wires are connected and clean. Especially the small wire from battery earth to front chassis crossmember above radiator !

Dave H
Jan 13, 2010.