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I own a rolls royce silver shadow mk1 and have a problem with the electric windows not working ive checked all the fuses below the steering wheel and all ok but on the fuse panel it says if fuse intact press reset on bulk head can anyone point me in the right direcction as I cant find a reset button and not sure what the bulkhead is
Gary holland
June 4, 2007.

What year is your car what is the vin number to answer your question correctly Sam Smyth Rolls-Royce & Bentley Specialists Cincinnati Ohio Established since 1934 out of Ireland and I will be glade to answer or call me 513-793-0434 about 9: 30 in am After I drop off my 5 year old at school

The year of the car is 1974 not sure about posting the vin number here though my email is g.E. Holland@ntlworld. Com please contact me thanx

Gary holland
Jun 27, 2007.
Hope all is well and you found the nessary information to repair your Rolls-Royce helpful God Bless Merry Xmas please phone any time thank-you

Sam Smyth President
Dec 10, 2007.
Hi all
i have finaly found the solution to my problem.
The electric window reset button is situated up behind the dash on the passenger side below the glove box in the small parcle shelf like apature its a small red button pressed it once and hey presto
hope this helps anybody else out there
thank you all for your help

Gary holland
Aug 13, 2008.