2003 Renault Scenic

Engine Cooling problem
2003 Renault Scenic Front Wheel Drive Manual 67.500 miles

I have been constantly having to refill my coolant device over the past couple of months, I do go longer distances from time to time but last week during the bad wheather a warning sign appeared and asked me to turn my engine off at the risk off engine failure as there seemed to be cold air coming from the heating system.
When I checked the coolant system there was no water in it and this seemed to be happening on a regular basis.
I handed it to my local garage who checked for leeks but none could be found which caused confusion, they also checked my head gasket and there seemed no apparent leakage on the gasket,
So the garage bled my car and asked me to try that and see what the outcome was, after driving my car for a week I checked the coolant and have noticed that the water had gone down but not to the extent of water I was going through before.
Should I hand it back to the garage or have you any thoughts on the problem.
Sorry about not being able to give the engine size as I am on night shift and I don, t want to creep around and waken the sleep in.
You could always e-mail me and I could check the manual and get back to you.

January 16, 2010.

Have the garage do a coolant system pressure test and have them look for possible leak from water pump area ! Also have them do a cylinder compression test. You are obviously looseing coolant

Dave H
Jan 17, 2010.
Thanks for that info did put some more water in not much and have checked it, doesn't seem to be that much difference, doin my head in.
Will keep the info you gave me and if I feel there is any dramatic change I will hand it in and pass this on.
Unsure with the car getting bled it is starting to settle down now but will watch it closely.
Thank you for all your help


Jan 18, 2010.
Keep a check on it. Sounds like you may have had air trapped in the system !

Dave H
Jan 19, 2010.