1996 Renault R19

Computer problem
1996 Renault R19 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

I purchased this car to get around in Germany. It ran for a while, but now the anti theft system will not allow me to start the car. Here in Germany, the german mechanics say I have to replace the system for 600 euro, but that is how much I bought the car for. Does anyone know how I can just disable the system so that I can drive to and from base? I appreciate any ideas.
November 13, 2009.

Does the vehicle have a keypad (numeric) alarm disable or keyfob (remote)?

Dave H
Nov 15, 2009.
The car does not have a keypad the auto theft system is linked to the keyless door entry. The infrared system wont register when I press the button on the key now after a mechanic changed out the spark plugs on the vehicle. I need to turn off the anti theft system so the car will start again the mechanics at the shop wont try to reset the keys or the computer for me they want to charge me to replace the whole computer system I just want to find a way to bypass or disable the anti theft system. The anti theft system makes it so the fuel pump wont work the car tries to turn over but the fuel pump wont put through any fuel due to the anti theft system. Could you help me out?

Nov 15, 2009.
The older keypad system could be bypassed .. unfortunately you have the newer system which is controlled by the cars PCM (computer) the PCM cut's out fuel injector function which in turn also cut's fuel pump operation .. the only way to get this working again is to have the vehicle pluggged into a renault diagnostic computer to be reset ..there is a temporary bypass system using the interior door lock/unlock button and a 4 digit code which can be obtained from renault using the cars VIN number !

Hope this helps

Dave H
Nov 16, 2009.