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HELP. Please

I an having problem with my car starting after it as been stood for a while, mainly overnight.

It is taking about 5 or 6 goes for it to start, once it starts it run smooth, I have change the plugs and the leads, gave the battery a good charge, but the problem persist, could it be a dodgey starter motor?

If so where is the starter motor on these car, (it is on a 1996 reg).

Any help would be really appreciated as I havent got a clue about cars.
January 18, 2006.

I have two lagunas. A 1.8 rti and a 3.0v6. You dont really say what the problem is. If the engine turns over, it isn't the starter motor. If you have changed the plugs, it isn't the problem either. It sounds like a petrol shortage and wont fire for a while. Check fuel filter. Leave ignition on for a few seconds for the pump to get petrol to the injectors then turn over. Sounds like it hasn't had a service for a while and needs a good clean out.


Dave sommer
Jan 26, 2006.