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Hi There, I have a 1998 Renault Clio Biarittz edition car. It's great, haven't had a problem with it since I brought it apart from one thing. The horn doesn't work! It never has worked since I've had it. Ive tried changing the fuse, no luck. The lever that you press seems ok, it goes inwards properly but there is just no sound from the horn. Anyone have any suggestions? If the horn has been perhaps removed or is faulty, where is it located on the car so I can fit a new one? Thanks guys. Luke
February 17, 2007.

i was just wondering if you had any luck with your horn? Im having exactly the same problem, although mine worked when I bought the car, it's stopped working before but started working again by itself, but now it looks like its gone for sure! Ive got a 1998 RN clio. Ive also tried changing the fuse, that didnt work either, anyone have any clue?

Mar 26, 2007.
Hi - I was wondering if you find out the problem with your car regarding the horn not working. I have the same problem but can't get the answer ! If you have solved your probs, perhaps you could kindly pass it on. Mbc9@btinternet. Com
I have had the car for 5 yrs and has been very reliable and economic. Cheers - Bill C.

Aug 11, 2008.