2004 Renault Megane

Electrical problem
2004 Renault Megane 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 65000 miles

The car wont start and the radiator fans start in full throttle and remain on even after I close the car for about 2 minutes.
On the board it says that there is a Electronic Fault.
I started the test mode and it displays the following error:
" Panne capteur
Temp. Eau
I guess that Ihave a problem with the Coolant Temperature Sensor but I don't know where it is located to try and clean it or to know what part to buy and change.

Please help me.
What do you sugest?
February 2, 2009.

You need to have the vehicles PCM (computer) read for fault codes. You may have a fault on the actual computer itself. It really needs to be plugged into a diagnostic computer to verify where the actual fault lies?

Dave H
Feb 3, 2009.
I conected to the calculator and it says that the UCH is fried.
Where is situated this UCH and do I have other solutions then to buy one that costs only 250euro without instalations!

Feb 4, 2009.
Could you supply the actual fault code for me ie. PO300 or PO451. Etc.. I do not know what a UCH is. But can translate from the fault code !

Dave H
Feb 4, 2009.